IKEA – Storm in a Glass

CD – Павлина Бонева

CW – Калоян Антонов

GD – Николай Малинов

AccD – Жана Даковска

Bulgaria participated in Venice Biennale with a strange art installation of 80 water glasses (made in Vietnam).
IKEA realized that those glasses look strikingly similar to its POKAL glass (made in Bulgaria).
The cost of the installation, paid by the Ministry of Culture, was 250 000 EUR. The price of a POKAL glass is 1.00 EUR. So, IKEA decided to respond to that strange resemblance with a provoking poster, promoting an exhibition just like the one in Venice. But not so far away. And much cheaper.


We just promoted an “exhibition” of our simple POKAL glasses with a poster in the store and shared it on social media. Soon it became viral, jumped out of social media channels and appeared on 5 TV stations, 60 websites and 2 newspapers. The scandal revealed some unpleasant truths. Finally, the glass itself landed in the Parliament.