Future you

UniCredit Bulbank Academic League

The Task

Academic league is a project by UniCredit Bulbank, specially created for students, offering a packet of bank products for the whole period of education, compliant with their daily needs and routine. The task of the project was to present these services in a more interesting and accessible way to the target audience.

The Idea

We challenged our target audience – smart and active students and candidates, to think about what they are studying or want to study, why and how they want to help the world around them move forward. Sometimes young people change their minds and we wanted to engage them by giving them a chance to test their decisions.

The Work

We created a website on which the students could fill in information about their plans for their future, lock it in a time capsule and after 1 year their future selves could meet their past decisions. The participants had to fill a questionnaire answering how they imagine themselves after they graduate and how they would use what they’ve learned. One year later all the participants received a reminder of what they wrote their future would be like. We chose the 3 most interesting and inspiring stories and turned them into wonderful animations. Their authors had the chance to meet with members of the top management of UniCredit Bulbank and hear their advice.

future you
future you
future you

You can see the first story that we turned into an animation below.