Telelink – Brand Identity

The Task

Telelink Business services is a recently separated unit of TELELINK. It is a company that provides different businesses with complex IT solutions and so it enables them to excel in the digital challenges of today and navigate through the business challenges of tomorrow.
The aim of the task was to establish Telelink Business Services as a separate brand with its own image and values, so that it could EMPOWER PEOPLE TO DO GREAT THNG WITH TECHNOLOGY.

The Idea

Looking closely at all the complicated work that Telelink Business Services do, we came to the conclusion that all that information needs SIMPLIFYING, so that their potential clients would understand it better. This led us to the new slogan – WORKING HARD TO SIMPLIFY THE COMPLEX, which became the basis of Telelink Business Services’ whole identity.

We REDESIGNED AND SIMPLIFIED the logo and developed the SIMPLE ELEMENT, that would serve as an information carrier. The idea of simplicity inspired the use of BLACK AND WHITE photography and BOLD AND CLEAR STATEMENTS with COLOR ACCENTS.
Revolving around the slogan, we came up with THE COMPANY’S VALUES AND TONE OF VOICE, which inspired the MAIN VISUALS. We also designed an ICON SISTEM in order to separate and explain all of the company’s services. All of this led to the creation of the BRANDING AND PRINT MATERIALS.

The whole concept was shaped into a BRANDBOOK with GUIDELINES, and its essence became an INSPIRING MANIFESTO, accompanied with a WHO WE ARE VIDEO.

Telelink brand identity for site1
Telelink brand identity for site2
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