Purina – DOG AND CATcast

The Task

Our client Purina is the market leader in pet foods. One of the main pillars of the brand is the education of people how to be better humans for their cats and dogs. With podcasts’ growing popularity, together with the client and our very important partners – the veterinarians, we created DOG AND CATcast (КУЧЕ И КОТКАст).

The Idea

People in Bulgaria love their dogs and cats. But all of them – people and pets alike, suffer from lack of proper information and knowledge about the pets’ preferences and healthy ways of life. People are suspicious about branded content, so we had to find a way to create the visual style of the podcast in a way that uses Purina’s brand assets while bringing forward the specialists whom people trust more.

The Work

The name we chose is immediately easy to remember, entertaining and successful in making a bold statement as to exactly what the show will be about: it will be cheerful, and it will be about pets.

Because most people listen to podcasts on their phones, it is extremely valuable for the cover art to be minimalist, bright, and easily recognizable even when it’s reduced to a thumbnail size.

This approach helped us easily create the banners and all other visuals, used in the podcast’s promotion around the web and on social media.

Our podcast host is a popular lecturer, but wasn’t trained in hosting and recording interviews. We trained him, helped him find his rhythm and we are actively helping the guests during the recording sessions also.

Check the podcast on Spotify or on Purina’s YouTube.


Here is the first episode, you can watch the rest on Purina’s YouTube.

We made a visual template to be used easily and quickly for each new episode.