OLX – Hidden ads

OLX is the biggest classifieds platform in Bulgaria where 12 000 new ads are published daily. It has been active for 15 years and since the beginning it has one problem that keeps haunting all branding activities – people keep thinking that it is a place to sell your junk.

In order to change this misperception, OLX is constantly striving to shine a light over the good deals, services and new products the users can find in the platform. In Bulgaria we have a saying that goes “Eye must see, hand must touch”, which means that you don’t trust anybody’s opinion and you have to see for yourself if something is true.


With this insight in mind every communication activity for OLX, targeted at potential buyers, strives to drive people to visit and browse the platform. We hid two ads in the most active categories during the summer – one for the DIY craftsmen and the other for the travelers in need for more space for all the luggage their family wants to bring with them. From OLX’s Facebook page we challenged the users to visit the specific category on the platform and try and find our ads. Those who did it had to come back and post a screenshot as proof that they did complete the task. One of them won the product from the ad as a prize.


The two posts with instructions generated 3 times the usual reach and engaged almost 10 times the usual number of users, driving more than 6000 people to search for the items in the platform.