You Lead

You Lead – Mtel Image Campaign 2014

The task

Based on numbers of clients Mtel was still the leading Bulgarian telecom but in the consumer minds it was accepted as one of “the most untrusted and undesired brands” and lost leading position in key brand indicators. Mtel had to rebuild the trust in the brand by finding a new, sincere and open approach to its customers.

The idea

Mtel was the company that brought mobile technology to Bulgarian market. And this technology changed your life. You have the freedom to be connected everywhere, anytime. But soon that freedom turned into dependence. In 2014 Mtel became the first Bulgarian telecom to say – you decide when or how to use your mobile devices. Because you lead technology, not the other way around.

The work

The results

6 months after the campaign the brand indicators showed positive growth in all segments. Mtel regained the top-of-mind and the most desired telecom in Bulgaria. The campaign won EFFIE in competition with the main rival – Telenor (ex Globul).