IKEA – The Napkin

In response to the frenzy caused by Ed Sheeran’s concert ticket sale in Bulgaria, where more than 150,000 eager fans were in line to secure their seats within the first 20 minutes of the ticketing website’s launch, the Swedish furniture giant IKEA seized the opportunity to engage with the audience in a witty and empathetic way.


As fans anxiously awaited their turn in the virtual queue, IKEA took to Facebook with a real-time reaction post. The post featured an image of IKEA’s PALPFJARIL napkins and bore the headline,
” if the concert tickets run out” accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek explanation,

Paper napkins. Great for tears, too.”

This clever post not only acknowledged the frustration and disappointment that many fans were experiencing due to the ticket shortage but also offered a lighthearted solution to drying their tears with IKEA’s napkins. It struck a chord with the audience, providing a humorous and relatable moment amid the ticket-buying chaos. Such real-time reactions on social media demonstrate a brand’s ability to connect with its audience at the moment and build a positive association, even in unrelated, high-stress situations like ticket sales.