Precakai #KOI #KOI campaign 2014

The Task is one of the few independent news media websites in Bulgaria. During the campaign for the 2014 parliamentary elections, it needed to place itself again as the anti-shadow government news site and promote its political content.

The Idea

#KOI is the faceless face of the shadows, where the fortune of Bulgaria is decided. A complex network of businessmen, politicians and media owners, all working together against the interests of the people. They buy it all – companies, banks, media outlets, elections. #KOI has a simple idea – demotivate the people to vote and buying the elections gets cheaper come every new campaign. We used his own machine against him – we showed the people that every vote counts and we created a place where everyone can see that they are not alone in their quest for free voting.

The Work

We wanted to show the people that their vote still counts.

The website was the corner stone of the campaign. Here the visitors could claim their vote, see how their free voting destroys #KOI’s machine a little, by neutralizing one of the paid votes. They could watch a video which explains why and how they could screw #KOI and read a comprehensive infographic how #KOI’s machine works.


The video told the story of #KOI’s machine and how everyone of us could stop him with one honest vote.

We made a series of 3 non-traditional press ads, “breaking” the editorial or the ad-format.


The Results

For the month of the active campaign the website generated over 70 000 unique visits and over 50 000 people claimed their vote.